About the Lab

Leeds Behaviour Lab is a research cluster at Leeds Beckett University. Our group is interested in the use of technology to support positive behaviour change, as well as effective ways to maintain recently adopted behaviours.

The group spans several faculties and disciplines including Technologists, Designers, Sports Scientists, Health Professionals and Psychologists. We explore how interactive systems can encourage and support people to live healthily, become more active, engage socially and maintain emotional well-being. Other application areas are welcome and we actively seek new collaborations.

Our inter-disciplinary research focuses on which interventions work best for which situation, as well as how interventions can be combined to maximise overall outcome.

We employ a human-centred ‘Design Thinking’ approach, based on the premise that by combining creativity and analytical processes, true and sometimes radical innovation can emerge. Users are at the centre of this approach, and involved at every stage.

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