Helping Creative Writers develop their practice

Paul Doney has had a paper accepted at this year’s HCI International Conference in June 2014, as part of the ‘Experience Design for Behavior Change’ session.

The paper is entitled “Keeping creative writing on track: Co-designing a framework to support behavior change” and explores the potential use of persuasive technology to foster and support a productive writing routine, employing a user-centred design approach.  Rebecca Evans, who runs The Minty Man, is one of the co-authors and has carried out much of the empirical work.

Based on the findings from several surveys and a workshop, Paul developed an architecture for a mobile personal writing coach. The workshop took place in 2013 in the North of England, with participants used writer personas and Foggs’ Behavior Grid to explore the drivers and hurdles to writing.

Writer Persona Example 1  Writer Persona Example 2
Writer Persona Example 3  Writer Persona Example 4

The long-term goal is to create a universal framework, applicable to a wide range of behaviour change interventions, domains and users. The design considerations reported in the paper go some way towards that goal.